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Rules & Safety

General Rules of UPMC All American Park

  • $3 Gate Fee upon Entrance of Park
  • No Dogs Allowed on or off Leash
  • All Cars Should Park in Designated Parking Area By Bridge
  • No Cars are Permitted Through Main Facility Gate
  • All Persons are asked to Enter Facility at Main Gate Under Bridge
  • No tobacco products, illegal drugs, or chemicals of any kind.
  • One Cooler Allowed Per Team
  • No animals (except service animals with paper work and bib) beyond parking lots
  • No gum or seeds allowed in or around batting cages
  • No fireworks of any kind
  • No missile / projectile like objects

Rules for Players and Coaches

  • No Hitting On Playing Fields (Please use open field areas)
  • No Soft Toss into Fences/Backstops
  • No Metal Cleats on Portable Mounds
  • Please Pick up All Trash After Games
  • Players and Coaches Only Inside Dugouts at All Times
  • No gum or seeds allowed in or around batting cages

*all rules are posted inside each dugout on all Fields